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Average U.S. Domestic Airfare Reaches Six-Year Q4 Low in 2015

The average fourth-quarter 2015 U.S. domestic airfare dropped 8.3 percent year over year to $363, its lowest fourth-quarter level since 2010 when adjusted for inflation the U.S. Department of Transportation reported.


Canada's Entry Requirements Changing

Effective on March 15, 2016, Canada is introduced a new entry requirement, known as an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), for visa-exempt foreign nationals traveling to or through Canada by air. This new requirement will become mandatory on March 15, 2016 and travelers will need an eTA before they can board their flight to Canada. Exceptions include U.S. citizens and travelers with a valid visa.

Click here to apply through an online process. A passport, a credit card, and email address are necessary to apply.

Quick eTA facts:

  • Costs $7.00 Canadian
  • Valid for five years or until a passport expires, whichever comes first
  • Electronically links the passport used for travel
  • Allows for multiple entries to Canada

Note: For travel before March 15, 2016, an eTA is not required, but may be obtained. For more information please visit: Electronic Travel Authorization - eTA

Additional information for Travel Professionals
eTA Travel Professional Facts sheet


The Best Inovations for the Trendy Business Traveler

The hustle and bustle of traveling for business can get pretty hectic, but there are a few cool products that are coming out in 2016 which will take the fuss out of life on the road and make the time away from home a little more enjoyable.

  • The HeyDo Cup doesn’t just hold your favorite cup of joe – it can also be used to track your daily water intake, remind you to stay hydrated throughout a day, measure the strength and brew qualify of your coffee, plus, it comes equipped with a PPM meter that will alert you in case of bad chemicals in the water.
  • Orfeo Headphones have a mic placed inside of earphones to catch the voice while blocking outside sounds.
  • NUA Robotics Smart Luggage employs Bluetooth technology, computer vision, robotics and sensors in order to follow the owner around and avoid obstacles.
  • Latitude Charger – a dual-mode charger that makes your iPhone compatible with both Qi and PMA major wireless charging standards.

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TSA Makes Joining PreCheck Easier with Extended Hours

At this point joining TSA PreCheck is pretty much a no-brainer. Last month the program became way more valuable by actually requiring enrollment in order to use the designated PreCheck lines. Just about the only excuse left for not signing up is being unable to find the time to go to a required screening appointment. Well, the TSA just made that a moot point in many cities by extending appointment hours at many centers across the country. The additional weekday and Saturday appointment hours will make it possible for an extra 2,300 passengers per month to join PreCheck, according to a press release. Read More

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